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  • Carton Box Printing

    Carton Box Specification

    *** Custom Made Size Available

    Different corrugated flute profiles can be joined in one piece of combined board. For example, in a triple wall board, one layer of medium might be A-flute while the other two layers may be C-flute. Combining flute profiles allows manufacturer to control compression strength, cushioning strength, and total thickness of the board.

    The flute itself is usually manufactured from a waste based fluting (WBF – i.e., fully recycled material) or what is known as semi-chem fluting (SC).

    Typical paper weights used for fluting are as follows:

    • 90 gsm WBF

    • 105 gsm WBF – Most Common Flute Standard

    • 112 SC and WBF

    • 175 SC and F

    There are also a number of commonly used flute profiles or sizes, which are as follows:

    • A FLUTE – 5mm

    • B FLUTE: 3mm

    • C FLUTE: 4mm

    • E FLUTE: 1.5mm

    • F FLUTE:.2mm

    • BC FLUTE: Double Wall – 6mm -Combination of B + C flutes

    • EB FLUTE: Double Wall – 4.5mm -Combination of E + B flutes

    Board Grade Material 

    A Flute – 5mm

    Single wall quality, mainly used for packing sensitive, small products – ie electronics, glassware.
    Its 5mm thickness provides extra cushion compared to the other qualities.
    If your product is sensitive and small, we recommend using A-Flute instead of BA-Flute.

    B Flute – 3mm

    Single wall quality, most commonly used.
    Great for small compact packing – e-store retailer uses this type of quality the most as their delivery packs.
    Almost all types of die-cuts will use B-Flute due to its versatility and common use.

    BA Flute – 8mm

    Double wall quality. Large and heavy items usually go for this fluting as they are thick and durable. Our ready made boxes (General Packaging) are all in BA Flute – ideal for moving house and packaging heavy items.

    E Flue – 1.5mm

    Single wall quality. It is ideal for packing more premium goods as it is thin (looks good!) and at the same time the corrugation provides more protection and sturdiness compared to normal boxboard materials.
    People who sell high quality, premium goods can opt for this type of quality as it gives an eco-friendly feel together with its vintage look.